10 Ways To Make Money by Providing Online Services to other Webmasters

By Charlie / Published on Friday, 24 Feb 2017 10:53 AM

There are many ways to start a business on the internet and one way is to build a business providing services to other webmasters or online business owners who are maybe struggling to get online or want to increase their online presence

If you were a small business owner with a bricks and mortar business wouldn’t it be really beneficial to have somebody provide this service for you?  Likewise if you already had a website up and running but are struggling for visitors and customers…

Here are 10 different ways you could build a business providing services to other webmasters

1.Become a Website Designer

You could design, build and maintain websites for businesses looking to do business online.  If you became familiar with shopping cart technology you could add this in as an extra service

2.Create and Maintain Blogs

One way of driving traffic to any website is blogging.  Use WordPress or Blogger to create a blog for a business, keep it maintained with good content and you have an instant service

3.Become a Social Media Expert

A social media presence (think Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus and LinkedIn) is really important these days for any business to grow and expand.  You could help them do it by becoming a social media expert

4.Become a Hosting Reseller

Many web hosting companies provides opportunities whereby you can act as a hosting re-seller. By up one of these plans and sell web hosting services locally or to start-up businesses

5.Provide Search Engine Optimization Services

Help businesses improve their search engine rankings by providing keyword research, backlinking services and a general all round ‘search engine improvement’ package

6.Become a Video Marketing Expert

Video marketing is becoming a very effective way of marketing a business.  Become an expert in creating and marketing videos and you could do very well

7.Become a Ghostwriter

You could become a ghostwriter to any business by providing unique content for their website, blog, or you could create eBooks and resources for the business to sell from their website.

8.Become a Copywriter

Good copy sells stuff.  Good copywriters can earn lots of money online.  Businesses are always looking for copywriters who can help them expand their business and sell more of their product

9.Become an Adwords Expert

Adwords are the adverts which you see above and to the right of regular google search engine results.  These are paid for adverts which many businesses include as part of their advertising budget. You could provide a service as a adwords expert helping both online and offline businesses create and place their adverts for the lowest possible cost

10.Become a Graphic Designer

Good, professional website graphics are really important if you are going to sell anything online.  Become an expert in Photoshop and sell your services to Webmasters and all those requiring a greater online presence Website graphics are

Provide the Whole Package

You could provide the whole package from beginning to end – from web design to hosting to content management to website promotion. You could genuinely charge a premium rate for this sort of service (it is a lot of work), but you could also outsource parts of it … either locally (and build a team around you) or by contract resources such as those you would find on ODesk or eLance

In Summary …

In summary, there are many ways that you could build a very good business by providing services to webmasters, and you could also build up a very nice small business with employees of your own doing the whole package, or just parts of the package yourself

Have a think about what you could provide, how you could provide it, how you would advertise your services and then go out and get it started….