5 Businesses That You Can Do Over the Weekends

By Angelina / Published on Friday, 24 Feb 2017 10:17 AM

Plenty of reasons abound about why you want to work every weekend. You’re bored to death at home and you have nothing else to do. Your day-job income does not meet your expenses. You’re saving up for something you want to buy. These are just some of the known reasons why a lot of people decide to put up weekend businesses. Whether it’s making crafts, selling merchandize or providing services to those who need them most, running a weekend business brings relief, satisfaction and, of course, money, so who would want to say no to it? The important thing is that you’re passionate about what you’re doing. That’s the key to sustaining your interest and keeping the business running. Now, thinking of what business to put up? Here are some nice ideas!

1. Blogging, eBook Writing or Online Publishing

You can definitely make money with your creative genius! If you have a knack for writing engaging articles about the topics that interest you most, then why not open a blogging or online publishing business? You can set up a blog or website and write about topics that you think you are most knowledgeable about. Of course, you need to establish interaction with your visitors and provide them with informative value so they’ll frequent your website. How do you make money from blogging? One, you can get paid by writing product reviews. Business owners and manufacturers could either pay you in cash or send you a bunch of giveaways or freebies. For search engine ranking purposes, website owners and SEO gurus might want to hire you to write about niche-related topics which you would then link to their website. You can also earn money through affiliate marketing, like subscribing to Google AdSense, Chitika, etc. You get a royalty for every click or sale on the ad placed on your website. If you’ve been updating your blog for so long, you can collate and spin-off the content and launch your own ebook, which you could sell online.

2. Catering

Do you love to cook? Weekends are the best time to make extra cash. A lot of parties, gatherings and special occasions are held over weekends, so you might as well advertise your service. You could start in your neighborhood or put up a Facebook page and advertise online. The key to really becoming successful as a caterer is offering good food and an excellent dining experience to your clients, so it’s a must that you invest in utensils and equipment and update yourself on the latest trends in catering servicing.

3. Baking and Pastry-Making

Just like catering, baking and pastry-making is a huge hit, especially on weekends. You could advertise online about your made-to-order cakes. You could go generic with your offerings, or you may focus on making cakes for specific occasions only, like birthdays, weddings, or corporate gatherings. However, you need to make sure that you have the necessary facilities and the right ingredients. Plus, you need
to provide your clients with samples and dozens of different designs. The more unique your cake designs are, the better your chances of getting more clients.

4. Craft and Souvenir Making

Bank on your talent in creating unique crafts into building a successful give-away business. Candles and soaps are two popular souvenirs, but you could always go unique, whether it’s native crafts, stitching, embroidery, etc. More and more people prefer the artistry of hand-crafted goods rather than purchasing machine-made stuff, so you’ve got a market out there to patronize your artistry!

5. Tutorial Service

Are you an expert on a specific topic? Perhaps, you could coach students and earn money over the weekends. You can offer your tutorial services to your neighbours’ kids or you could go online and help foreign students, like Koreans and Chinese. Online tutorials are a huge hit, so take your slice of this lucrative niche!