7 Steps to Successfully Marketing Your Business

By Peter / Published on Sunday, 26 Feb 2017 12:43 PM

The following are a set of actionable marketing and lead conversion (sales) activities that are essential to every business owner and start up entrepreneur:

1. Clarity and Focus: Determine which business you are really in and pursue it with clarity and focus by developing a strong self awareness and aligning your passion with your strength, skills and goals. Define your value proposition and then go about delivering it, while riding the trends of your industry.

2. Point of Difference: Go the extra mile and deliver your product or service with a point of difference whilst adding profitable value and enhancing your customers resulting experience.

3. Creativity and Innovation: Turn your ideas into products or services with creativity and innovation by learning how to select and test new ideas and how to turn these ideas into marketable and profitable ventures.

4. Budget: Develop your marketing mix opportunities, and then decide how you are going to spend your marketing dollars. Start by choosing your marketing goals and selecting effective promotional tools. Measure your marketing effectiveness against your set budget and objectives.

5. Prospecting: Nothing happens until you make a sale. Therefore, prospect, prospect and continue prospecting. Find out where your customers are; Reach customers beyond your web site and use social media and search engine optimization by providing and syndicating good content and relevant articles on popular portals. Learn how to convert your visitors and sales leads into buyers by managing your sales funnel and closing the deals.

6. Branding Strategy: Create strong market presence by determining what you stand for and then go about creating and building a sustainable brand. Set clear branding strategy by aiming at impelling potential customers to immediately connect your brand name with the value proposition you deliver.

7. Promotion: Deciding on which tools will create awareness for your business, and whether traditional direct marketing and promotional activities still worth the effort, can be a valuable exercise. Marketing your business these days can be done with very low budget. Learn how to create high customer visibility by promoting your products and services on line with low budget; Starting a blog, writing an eBook, utilizing social media and creating a newsworthy event can be a great free vehicle to promoting your business online with high impact.

We live in a new world were customers are truly in charge. Hence, no matter how much money and effort you spend on developing and launching your products and services; a single dissatisfied customer can blast your product in front of thousands of people on popular on line review sites, and thus hinder your entire operation. At the same time an admiring customer can lift your product or service out of anonymity and turn it into a major success overnight.

Therefore, it is prudent to point out that your marketing activities should address both your strategic positioning and your customers strategic choice.