Choose the Best Finance Job for Yourself

By insFinance / Published on Sunday, 05 Mar 2017 08:14 AM

Financial jobs can take many forms. You can work in private corporations, the government and non-profit corporations. If you know finance is your love but are not aware of the different positions that are open to you then keep on reading ahead.

Analytical Jobs:

These positions, which include jobs as an economist, strategist, and quant, can be found in a variety of institutions including investment banks, money managers, the public sector and in the education sector. In order to be an analyst, a college degree is an absolute must. However, most people also opt for either an MBA or a PhD for such a position. Apart from this, successful writing and publishing is a skill that is highly sought for from employers in such a position.

Types of Analytical Jobs:

  • Economist Jobs: Such jobs can be found in investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds, governments, central banks, and academic institutions. An economics analyst is required to analyze data and trends in an economy and then explain these trends via writing, teaching, lecturing or public speaking.
  • Strategist Jobs: Such positions are similar to economist jobs. However, the main difference is that as a strategic analyst you not only have to analyze the economy but the financial markets as well. Public speaking is an important aspect of this job. Strategic analyst positions are usually found in banks and money management firms.
  • Quant Jobs: Such jobs are different from the above-mentioned two because it does not require a great deal of public interaction. Quants work behind the scenes and they develop mathematical models to predict the market. For such a position, a mathematical background is required and so is a PhD.

Investment Banking Jobs

These jobs require individuals to work with companies, governments and other large institutions. They either help them to raise capital or provide them with strategic advice. A college degree and an MBA are highly recommended for this position.

Types of Investment Banking Jobs:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions bankers provide strategic advice to companies who are either merging with a competitor or taking over a smaller company. Such individuals should have excellent public speaking skills and negotiation skills as they will be dealing with top level executives on a routine basis. Moreover, these bankers need to have excellent financial modeling skills so that the deals they make strategic and financial sense.
  • Underwriting: Bankers in the underwriting department assist companies and governments in raising capital. These bankers specialize in either debt or equity. They can also specialize industry wise. Such bankers have to work closely with clients in order to determine their capital needs.
  • Private Equity: Such jobs are the most prestigious one is all of finance today. Some of these jobs can be found in investment banks but are mostly found in specialist firms. The hours that individuals need to pay in maybe brutal but the compensation is massive. These firms provide capital to established corporations.
  • Venture Capital: Venture capital firms provide capital to new or startup companies. These days’ venture capitalists are focusing the most on tech related companies. Even in venture capital firms the workload can be brutal but successful venture capitalists are able to make a lot of money.

Financial Media Jobs:

Cannot decide between a career in finance and Hollywood? Then this career is for you. Financial media jobs include knowledge of finance and economics as well as great public speaking skills. The individuals needed for this job have to be market savvy. A preference for either writing or speaking will direct what area of the financial media an individual chooses to focus on. Interestingly, many financial media employees started out their careers as journalists.

Types of Financial Media Jobs:

  • Investment Writing: These positons can be found in large banks and money management firms. These are full time writer that produce marketing pieces or market reports. Financial knowledge and writing skills are crucial for this position.
  • On-Air Commentator: Such individuals can work on TV and on radio. They interview marketing experts and provide their own opinion about the financial markets. A good financial knowledge and great speaking skills are required for this position.

Now you know the different types of financial jobs and what each job entails.