How To Begin Successful Startup Work?

By Investor / Published on Friday, 10 Feb 2017 11:31 AM

There is basically the need of three things in order to start the successful startup.

  • Starting with the good people
  • Making something that is needed by the customers
  • Spending as little money as possible

Most of the people are failed in having a successful startup because they might get failed in one of these things. But the ones who succeed in three of them, are usually the most successful ones.

This is hard to carry out all three things, but they are not impossible. You will not get any magically difficult step that you can’t solve. So, we are here to discuss that how you can actually begin the successful startup. Follow these important things to become successful!

  • The idea:

First of all, you have to generate the idea about the thing that you are going to start with. This idea doesn’t need to be brilliant to become successful, but if your idea is revolving around something that is very common and needed by the people, then you are going to be successful in it. One tip is that you should try to make something better than the people already have now.

Google’s plan was just to make a simple search site that doesn’t tease the people and their three new ideas were: use the links to rank the search results, index more about the web, have clean and simple web pages without ads. This idea alone has brought them a billion of dollars each year.

There are a lot of other areas that are much backwards like the search was, before the introduction of google. You can also look for the things that people are trying to do but fail at each step.

  • People:

Here I actually mean for the good people!

One of the best thing that makes your idea successful is the selection of the people that you are going to hire. It is not the idea that makes you successful, but it is the people who fix all the bad things that can come up with your idea.

Can you describe any human as an animal? It is very hard, but translating it into the terms as the one, who do their work without looking for other things and without looking into their own selves.

Does it depend on the job such as what if a salesperson says no to an answer? Or a hacker is staying late at night till 4 am instead of sleeping by leaving a code with the bug in it?

Almost every person who is working was an animal at what they have done. In order to start your business, you have to start your work with the people like the one’s I have told you. you have to look for the hardworking people who are actually determined enough to take your business to the upper levels. You can use your own personal contacts in order to hire the people that you actually trust. There is a good chance that you can hire the people you know from your school or college or who were your project partners at some time. Ideally, you have to look for two to four founders because it would be hard to start with only one.

What is the need of the customer?

I think every business has to answer this question, otherwise, they will fail in satisfying their customers. One such great example is the restaurants! About a quarter of them fail within their first year. Restaurants with the best food are successful, but the restaurants with the best and expensive food with bad service are not the one’s who succeed.

Same thing happens with technology when it is not satisfying the customer’s needs or it is not what they want. So, you should try to make some better and elaborated plans for the product, hire the best people for its development and find out the money that you are going to spend. Your first plan should be your priority in order to figure out that how you are going to implement them.

You can also start with the big customer brand that can help you in succeeding with the startup.

Not spending the money:

What should you do with the money that you have gotten from the investors? Try not to spend it. in most of the startup failures, the running out of the money is one of the biggest problems that people face. Usually, this is very deeply wrong! Most of the people who have tried to hire the people fast are usually failed at their first step.

By overloading the customers, it doesn’t mean that you are going to make your business successful. The basic idea is to get there at first and get all the users too so that you are going to left none of them to your competitors. But, if you are going to grow slowly just like Google, then it is a good thing.