How to Make Money With An Email Newsletter

By Carol / Published on Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017 11:29 AM

Email remains to be one of the most convenient ways to directly send messages and information to people, as most are logged on for many hours almost every day. Despite the popularity of Web 2.0 applications that allow people to get in touch with each other, email still holds it place among other means of communication.

An email newsletter is a quick and easy way to deliver content to people.  Many businesses and companies still use it to distribute information, promote events and campaigns, and introduce new products or services online. This is because the direct and intimate nature of communicating through email is one of the best ways to capture the attention of the target market. Hence successful online businesses invest in creating email updates and quality newsletters to keep their customers informed and happy.

Despite the popularity of social networking sites as a means for people to communicate, many business owners still see the need for professional email newsletters to help them in their marketing efforts and reach out to their target market. If you have a business online, you can also benefit from starting your own email newsletter service.

It can help you keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis, allowing you to inform them of any new products or services.  It is a cost effective way of promoting your products, helping you to increase brand awareness, boosting your sales, and encouraging loyalty from your customers.

Some people think creating an email newsletter takes a lot of work, and while part of this may be true, you have to consider that in any business, there is a certain amount of work and commitment entailed.  Producing your newsletter does not have to be difficult; take stock of the resources you have that you can use for your startup.

Probably the most time-consuming part of developing and running an email newsletter is creating content, as you will consistently need fresh content that will make your readers come back for more.  If this is a concern for you, you can outsource the work to freelance writers. That will free your time to focus on marketing your email newsletter.

Make your email newsletter stand out among the tons of email people receive on a daily basis, as it will be competing for their attention from among the daily legitimate and junk mails they get. Use catchy and memorable words in your email subject line, as this is the first thing the reader will see. Make your content readable by using smooth fonts that are easy on the eyes, making it easy to read especially for those who may be sight-challenged.

Try not to create lengthy texts that can look crowded, opting instead for texts and sections with ample space between them to give your newsletter breathing space. Provide short indexes that allow your readers to quickly scan the text and still get the message you want to send across to them.

When writing content for your email newsletter, craft your articles in such a way that they speak to your reader as if you were a friend, using a direct and conversational tone that helps you connect with them.  Write as if you were writing to a friend, using simple, easy-to-understand words and in plain text that are not over laden with tricky formatting.  Don’t make your newsletter content sound like a press release; your readers will lose interest reading it if they think you’re feeding them hype.

Go easy when using graphics and images and veer away from extreme-looking layout that will turn off instead of entice people to read your email newsletter.  If they appear too fancy they come across as fake to the readers and chances are they will end up in the trash before they are even read.

Although it is the means by which you make money, having too many affiliate links in your email newsletter will come across as too hard sell and might turn off some readers. Don’t use your newsletter to barrage your readers with hard sell marketing content. Instead, offer some practical and useful information that they can apply in their lives. Use your email newsletter to create a sense of trust and confidence with your readers and soon you will find them receptive towards whatever you place in your content.

To make your email newsletter interesting, use sounds, images or videos to jazz it up, but be careful not to overdo it. If you have more content to offer, place a link that will take them to your website where they can have more of the various forms of content you have to offer.

If you want to build trust and confidence in your readers, you have to assure them that their email addresses will remain private.  To show good faith, give them the option to opt out by providing a visible link or “unsubscribe” button at the lower end of your newsletter.

Before you send out your first issue, make sure you already have a handful of issues ready for sending out.  Planning issues in advance will give you more time to promote your email newsletter and increase your readership and stops you from having a panic episode should you find you need to send out the next one before you have it ready.

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