How to protect the information of your credit card

By insFinance / Published on Friday, 10 Mar 2017 10:11 AM

A Credit card can be used online for shopping purposes and pay of the bills. This process of using an online credit card is very convenient and easy and it has also made the lives of people comfortable. But usage of the credit card online can leave you to the vulnerable and other problems. But if you take the proper precautions then the risk of the serious problems can be minimized.


Technology has made it easy for all of us to purchase the things with a credit card online. But if proper security protocol is not present then sensitive information can be leaked out like your credit card number. Most of the websites that take the payments online have extra layers of the security who blocks the thieves who try to get the data of your credit card. You can identify these sites very easily.

      • Look for an “https” at the start of the address of the web.
      • Lack of “https” does not mean that site is not genuine, but it shows that the creator of the website has taken some of the extra precautions for the security of your personal data of credit card.


Never use your credit card on a public computer. Computers used in places like cafes, libraries can have access to them easily. As these places have computers and are public, can be used by anyone so it is very easy for the thieves to lift a data like number of the credit card, even if you are careful in using your account that you don’t forget to logout your accounts but still you data is still at a risk. So it will be good and safe for the users of a credit card to pay online bills and online shopping through their own computers if easy.


Try to avoid making the transactions while connecting to a public network even you are using your personal tablets or laptops or it can be any other device. If your device is connected to open public WIFI networks like coffee shops. Data of your credit card is not secure at all. Everyone is not a crook but anyone can have your data so it’s better to be careful and take precautions while doing online billings and shopping. Try to use your own personal network for all these billing purposes. And make sure that your connection is secured with the passwords.


Of which bank’s you are using credit card try to ask them about the protection of your credit cards data. Banks are trying to give as much security as possible. You can have few of the extra things for the security of your credit card which can charge you extra but will be safe and protective for you.

  • Alerts on the doubtful charges.
  • A new card number can be generated for you on each time when you make a purchase.


Many of the merchants make it easy and possible to pay for the goods and other billings online without asking the number of a credit card on their websites. Instead of all this, you can also create another third party account number through some other service and then you can use that account to make payments at different sites. Paypal is considered to be one of the most popular among these services but like these many of the other services are also present for the security of the credit cards of a user like Visa Check out and much more.