How to sell a Home Tax free

By Investor / Published on Friday, 24 Feb 2017 11:30 AM

If you are selling your home at a profit in the market of nowadays, maybe you don’t have to pay the taxes on the gain of your money. It is very important to know the rules and regulations.

Some of the tips which should always be kept in mind while selling your house.

1. If you are selling your home and you are getting gain then try not to mention the gain in your taxable income. If you are having different qualifications then some amount of the tax can be excluded and if you are having a wife and family and you are married than half of the tax can be excluded.

2. Sometimes if you are selling your house, you don’t need to report the sale of our property on the return of the tax. When you are selling your home, you sign a form which states that you will not get gain from the tax which is received through the sale of your house and for the other purposes and information.

3. All of the qualifications should meet up to exclude gain through the sale of your home from the income you are getting. These qualifications are that you should be an owner of that property which you are going to sale from at least two years previously. Your property should be in use by you or another family which you are going to sale. Gain should have been excluded from a home during the two years.

4. Any of the loss can’t be deducted on the sale of your property or home. If you are in problem and you have to sell your house and you are selling it at the low price and you are having a loss then this loss is considered to be a personal one and you can’t take any of the deduction.

5. Your house must be owned from more than one year for having the gain.

6. If you received your home buyer credit for the very first time at the time when you owned your house then you have to pay back some of the amount or maybe all of it. For example like if you purchased your house in the year of 2008 and when you sell your house then you have to pay back the credit which you didn’t pay back before.

7. If you are having two homes at a time but you live in one and the other one is of no use. Try to sell it because you will have to pay extra taxes on it also. So try to have your one house at a time.

8. Try to sell your property at a time when you are really in need of selling it, like when your income is very low and you can prove that you are not able of paying tax on your gain at all. This will help you a lot to avoid paying the tax on your gain or profit which you will get from selling your property.

9. When you think of selling your property, wait at least for like for the year before doing this process.

10. At the time of selling your home, try to reduce the income taxes.

11. Before selling your home try to keep the proper records of the home improvement.

12. If you are trying to reduce the tax on your profit then try to use up the capital losses in the year when you had capital gains.

Everyone have their own property which can be the house or can be any of the plots which can be used in the time of need but the main thing is that how can you sell your property without paying tax. Above points are very important and can be helpful to some extent. It is very difficult to keep eye on a calendar when you sell your house or any of the property. If you don’t do it on proper time and with the proper procedure you can get stuck in a situation where you have to pay a huge amount of the tax on the gain which you get from selling your property. Different people living in this world use different methods through which they can avoid paying the taxes. No tax have to be paid on the gain which you get if you buy another property or construct it within some short duration. Sellers are also having the option to set off a proper long termed gains from the sale which you have done of the house or any of the other property.