Make the Best of Your Government Financial Career

By insFinance / Published on Monday, 27 Feb 2017 08:06 AM

Governments are always on search for financial and credit analysis for tax management purposes. Public service positions should be on the top of your list because of the job security it entails. Apart from this, you will also be playing a part in the betterment of your community. If you want detailed information about government financial jobs, then keep on reading.

1.Where to find government jobs?

All government positions are publicly posted. In order to view open government financial jobs then refer to your city or state human resources page. Since government financial jobs are not talked about, it is always recommended that you get some guidance. If you have just freshly graduated from college, then you can talk to your college’s career counselor. They can guide you to the specific financial position that you want. Apart from this, you can also take the guidance of people who have financial careers in the private sector. This will let you compare and contrast both the options and then make a decision.

2.Difference between public and private financial careers:

The main difference between public and private financial careers is the job stability that government jobs provide. In fact, many people opt for public positions simply because how stable their positions will be. The world is changing drastically and you are never sure whether your position will be replaced with a robot in the private sector. However, a handful of public sector positions, like a job as a congressional aid on economic issues, will depend on the elections. But majority of public positions are not affected by elections.

3.Pay is based on experience and education:

Government pay scales are based on job classification as well as education level. However, you need to research about the next opportunity restricted by job classification. Say you can be stuck at class 6 pay grade if you do not apply for a position with a higher pay grade.

Positions in local or national governments will be different and so will be there pay scales. Additionally, you can also apply for positions in any federal government agency, like Securities and Exchange Commission, Internal Revenue Service and Government Accounting. These federal government agencies offer higher pay rates. Even though you can make more money in the private sector, the work-like balance in public positions is favorable. Private sector firms often require so much commitment from employees that they find that there is no time left for themselves and their families. In public firms, you have a distinct time for work and distinct time for relaxation. So if you are a person who hates to be a workaholic then public positions are for you. Even the pay is not as high as private financial careers, but you have the satisfaction of helping out your community, city or even the entire country.

4.Extra requirements:

One drawback of government jobs is that you cannot apply for these positions if you have student loan defaults. With such a high cost of education these days, many people have taken student loans to complete their education. But once they step into the real world, they realize that money does not come easy and there are many other expenses that need to be on the top of your list.  However, do not get disheartened. You can still apply for a public financial position by removing a federal loan default by contacting your student loan lender’s guarantee agency and by making the agreed upon number of payments. Additionally, you cannot apply for positions if you have any felonies.


Public financial careers promise job security and a favorable work-life balance. And the benefits of such positions surpass the income earned.