Why Socially Responsible Mutual Funds Can Still Bring Profit And Diversity

By James / Published on Friday, 24 Feb 2017 11:25 AM

Socially responsible mutual funds can give you the satisfaction of knowing that your money is well taken care of in a safe and diversified investment, while at the same time knowing that you are contributing to an improvement in our society, and not to the reverse. The mutual fund has been a popular form of investment for decades, especially among those coming into the market for the first time. There is security in diversification, and also in knowing that the investment choices are being made by qualified professionals with years of experience within the industry.

These have been the big selling points for mutual funds, along with the fact that they are a government regulated investment with added protection. You can also buy into investments which would normally be beyond your scope, due to reasons of size. By pooling forces with other investors, you can make this happen. This can include investments in companies which are protecting the environment for future generations, or which are actively involved in promoting fair commerce within developing countries. If you find the right investment, you will no longer need to spend hours searching for your own ethical companies to invest in.

Mutual funds inevitably come with some drawbacks, and these may affect your choice as to whether or not to invest in any one specific fund. When you choose a managed investment, you are inevitably going to sacrifice some of your ability to make independent choices. In the case of mutual funds, you lose the ability to choose your own companies, and when you enter and exit your investment positions. If you are looking to invest ethically, you will need to find an investment manager with whom you have a philosophical rapport, or you will need to get out and plan your own investments.

You can take the concept of a socially responsible mutual fund even further by choosing to invest in certain countries and not others. Mutual funds offer the easiest way to diversify your profits internationally without the need for language skills or overseas visits. You can choose the countries whose policies are in line with your own, or the companies within a certain country who are engaged in work you believe to be critically important.

These socially responsible mutual funds will still need to be able to offer the benefits of safety, diversification, and potential profit. There is no point putting money into a poor investment, just because of the moral considerations of some of the companies which are involved. If you are going to lose money, you may as well give it to charity in the first place. Make sure the potential for profitability is there by choosing market sectors which have the potential for above average gain, and you will get so much more satisfaction from your socially responsible mutual funds.